Our Vision

Our Vision

Jesus’ vision for believers is to “win souls and make disciples.” He clearly stated this in Matthew 28:19-20: “Therefore go and make disciples of all nations.”

To achieve His vision, Jesus worked closely with twelve men that He mentored to take His place on the earth. Following Jesus’ pattern, the Apostle Paul also trained a number of young men who later became the great leaders of the New Testament Church. We call this mentoring technique the “principle of twelve.”

NBCC has also implemented the principle of twelve. Tremendous transformation has occurred within the community life of our body. This strategy enables every believer to become a multiplying leader who can disciple others within their sphere of influence. As a leader one has the unique opportunity to bring a relevant practical gospel and personal discipleship directly to the marketplace or into the heart of their own social or geographical communities.

The Vision:
To win souls and make disciples

The Goal:
Every believer a leader

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